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Developments in the image of death: Walt Disney

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  1. Introduction
  2. The image of the explicit death today in animated films
  3. Continuity of the works of Walt Disney
  4. Conclusion

The image of Death in the films of Walt Disney before his death was concealed. This was seen in the films of Neige White and the Seven Dwarfs, Bambi or Sleeping Beauty. But these days, the image of death is it not more explicit? Maybe it had to Hays code [66] applied from 1934, well after the death of Walt Disney in 1968 as the first masterpieces of Walt Disney could bring out more this representation of and the act itself. Men do not want death, yet it is inevitable and near. According Montaigne. Death is the common fate of men, and it is folly not to think about it, or represent something remote. [67] If in 1937 we did not notice the inert body Snow White killed by the poisoned apple, this is not the case in 1994 with Lion King. Death is brutal and cruel in The Lion King, although she also is in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, there is no transparency, any care in the death of the father of Simba. The young lion discovers the body of his dead father and tries in vain to wake her. This scene is particularly hard and will shock both children and adults, the film will remain the marking big t for the representation of Mort in animations Studios Disney. This representation of the Mort, perhaps too pushed to the extreme, shows a universe that was hidden before in the world of animation.

Other directors have understood, and used this universe like Tim Burton. Having worked for the Disney Studios in 1981 on the film The Fox and Rouki. I realize the more than ten years later still for Disney Studios, The Nightmare Before Christmas Mr Jack released in 1993. The film tells the story of Jack Skellington, a scarecrow / capita skeleton in the village of Halloween.

[...] By taking some projects and ideas of Walt Disney, including the stories of fairy tales who left to oblivion, Studios on the trail of Walt Disney while enhancing the basic concept. They make the same t ime tribute to Disney almost twenty-three years after his death with one of his favorite authors Andersen. All Walt Disney themes are at the rendezvous, the fairy tale moralizing, good, evil, anthropomorphi ems, etc. Only e seems to be forgotten e image of Death. It will not be for long hidden with the release of the film Beauty and the Beast in 1989. [...]

[...] The living world is dreary, gray, while the number of dead is colorful, although their necks represented are cold. According to E. Kubler- Ross " We have nothing to fear from death because death is not the end. Rather, it is a radiant beginning is a new sun. The Death Tim Burton is another world, sometimes fairytale where an atmosphere of gaiety and not melancholy. He is the best rep résente the image of M ort and shows very explicitly since last two decades. [...]

[...] T here is the village where e Represented the fall season with the trees lose their leaves, the colors are rather bleak, it is like a large cemetery in the open. The inhabitants are mostly decaying corpses, monstrous, it lacks a member. This universe where horrification flat, the monstrous, the M ort, this quest for new life in death are recurring themes of Tim Burton. He also uses his other films in which he will not have collaboration with Disney studios. [...]

[...] The last film produced by Walt Disney was the L drunk jungle . The latter fact will never get out. The film will hit our screens in 1967, almost a year after the death of Walt Disney. Recurring items in the first Disney films were primarily fairy tales, moralizing, with on one side the good and the other evil. A perfect balance that we discovered in each story that Disney introduced us from N eige White and the Seven Dwarfs to L Sleeping Beauty. [...]

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