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Differences between Kuwait Stock Market and Japan Stock Markets

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  1. Introduction
  2. Kuwait Stock Exchange Market
  3. Japan Stock Markets
  4. Differences between Kuwait Security Exchange and Japan Stock Market
  5. Conclusion

Over the years, the world has witnessed major breakthroughs in business operations with accelerating capital outflow patterns symbolizing the increasing emergence of the advanced countries of economic prosperity. On a broader scale, inter connectedness of world nations has significantly globalized capital flow in the interlinked operations where each nation has intensified efforts to withstand domestic challenges by improving economies. For instance, the flee-flowing capital, borderless business operations, and increasing remittance from citizens living in diaspora are some of the set of factors intensifying competition and reshaping global stock exchanges. With the business mind-set today, domestic stock exchanges are rapidly revolutionizing to take advantage of global opportunities arising in the interconnected environment to pursue new foreign listings or accessing foreign markets through mergers, acquisitions and strategic alliances (Ernst & Young, 2012). Nevertheless, the market visibility across various stock exchanges differs with features and mode of operations characterizing different stock markets.

[...] (2012). Kuwait Business Law Handbook Strategic Information and Laws. Int'l Business Publications, USA. International Monetary Fund. (2010, July Kuwait: Financial System Stability Assessment International Monetary Fund. Retrieved July from Kuwait Stock Exchange. (2012, April 10). New Trading System X-Stream. Retrieved July from 13 Oxford Business Group. [...]

[...] In particular, it provides markets for derivatives products such as Japanese government bond futures and TOPIX futures besides clearing and settlement services (Tokyo Stock Exchange Group, Inc, 2008). Tirelessly, TSE has managed to withstand the 1990's repression by sustaining liquidity, integrity, and diversity for both domestic and foreign investors. Similarly, the transformational path has seen the revamping of its corporate arrangement to foster its independence, effectiveness and self-regulatory features KUWAIT STOCK MARKET VS JAPAN STOCK MARKETS to enhance flexibility suitable for international operations. Consequently, TSE established the holding company, TSE group Inc. and TSE regulation which later conducted market operations under the umbrella of TSE Group, Inc. [...]

[...] The Amiri Decree formed an executive administration establishing KSE as an independent financial institution under the committee whose eleven members were drawn from commerce and industry ministry, the central bank, Kuwait chamber of commerce, minister's appointees and an independent director general (International Business Publications, 2012). Contemporary operations in the KSE are tailored to provide financial and investment services both to the investors and the protection of the economic interest. Firstly, KSE has the judicial independence in nationalizing dealings in financial instruments and eliminating potential confusion in transactions. [...]

[...] However, with hostility levels quelling back to normal 5 atmosphere, eight exchange markets were operating towards the middle of the 20th century. Over the years, Japan stock exchange developed to host Tokyo and Osaka among the largest stock markets in the world by 2004. Nevertheless, the Japan Stock market has witnessed the transformation under multiple mergers with the latest being authorised by the Financial Services Agency (FSA) for the Osaka Securities Exchange Co. Ltd and Tokyo stock Exchange Group Inc. [...]

[...] Nevertheless, the market visibility across various stock exchanges differs with features and mode of operations characterizing different stock markets. As more companies go public, stock market reports are ideal in providing fact-based comparative information to existing and potential investors of the overall market and respective company performance. In particular, the market index and overall capitalization are key indicative tools of economic growth, suppression on market stability and anticipated companies' performances. For too long, accessing foreign stock markets seemed difficult with the exceedingly lengthy execution of investor's orders. Consequently, this forced most companies stick to domestic listings. [...]

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