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Divorce and its effect on educational development

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Research done by the Research and Statistics division.
  3. Factors that can affect children whose family is going through a divorce.
  4. Emotional effects due to divorce in children.
  5. The major factors that can effect children negatively.
  6. Conclusion.

Divorce is something that we see more often in society today. From starting as an unheard of phenomenon within families, divorce has increased, and is encompassing more and more children each and every year. Is divorce something that we as educators can expect to affect our students? Yes, but in many different forms and with many different consequences for each individual child. According to research done by the Research and Statistics division (1997), ?between the end of the 1960s and the mid 1980s, the divorce rate increased fivefold.? The Research and Statistics division (1997) also stated, ?It is estimated that one in two divorce cases involve dependant children, illustrating that each year a substantial number of children are affected by divorce.? These statistics are telling us that in fact children are being subjected to divorce and the factors that come with it. Also, according to Abrams (2004), ?what is clear is that there are numerous potentially significant consequences for children, both short and long term.?

[...] Parenting styles may not be affected by the divorce if correlated with other factors such of external support or even having good relations with the ex-husband or wife after the divorce, which can lower the anxiety and effects on the parents. But, what has been witnessed is that divorce is not an easy event for anyone, especially the parents, and if the divorce has come as a surprise to one parents this kind of effect could be seen. One factor that most parents have difficulties with that can effect their children if not handed properly is communicating to their children about their upcoming divorce. [...]

[...] of the first impacts that divorce has on a child is a dramatic decline in the standard of living in the custodial household?, as the Research and Statistics division (1997) has stated. Instead of living in a 2000 sq. ft. house, for example, they may need to move to a small two-bedroom apartment in order to still provide for their child or children. This can have a great impact on children. Children may not understand why they went from getting everything they want to being on a budget. [...]

[...] What this means is that the age that the child is when a divorce takes place can have an effect on that child. Children who are older have a better chance of experiencing a crisis previously within their lives than children who are of a younger age may experience. Marta (2003) states, impact depends on the emotional and physical maturity of the child, the family's ability to communicate, and the event itself.? If children are young and less able to communicate with their parents, they may have a completely different reaction to the situations than a child who has the ability to discuss the situations with their parents when it arises. [...]

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