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How does the United States foreign policy affect the war on drugs?

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  1. Executive Summary
  2. Background to the problem
  3. Issues
  4. Anticipated outcome
  5. Conclusion

The violence that the population in the illegal drug producing countries of Latin America has continued to take its toll on the population in a vicious cycle that continues to result in deaths, injury and a life if terror for many of the inhabitants. The poor civilians are caught in-between vicious fights that pit cartel against cartel and again caught in-between the fights between law enforcement agencies and the cartels. These cartels are responsible for ensuring that the cultivation and growing of illegal drugs continues often at a great human price. Despite the pouring of large amounts of money, arms and policies, the drug trade continues to grow, posing danger not just in the US and Latin America but increasingly throughout the world.

There are various measures that can be taken to deal with both the demand side of the drug trade as well as the supply side as these are the only approaches that stand any chance of success in this war. Concerted efforts, involving not some, but all of the countries in this region, together with a unity of purpose is the only way that this war can be won.

[...] Government agencies take massive effort to locate and deal with corrupt public officials. Putting in place policies that fight corruption as well their correct implementation in both the United States and Latin America would go a long way in limiting the effect of, if not altogether eliminating, this scourge. Deterrent sentencing of those found complicit in corrupt practices that aid the drug trade would be the first step towards achieving this goal. C. Military action is taken to strike a huge blow against drug cartel leadership If these things are done then dramatic steps will have been taken to eliminate drug cartels and the threats they pose on society. [...]

[...] [7]Murphy, Dylan. "US complicit in South America drug trade." Press TV, June Accessed July 29, 2013. america-drug-trade/. [8]Bauschard, Stefan. "Stefan Bauschard debate.? last modified March Accessed July 29, 2013, the-us-continue-its-anti-drug-policies-in-latin-america/. [...]

[...] A more pro-active and interactive international policy process is required to be able to combat this drug war in a way that benefits not just the US but also the Latin American countries. Their different and often times opposing national policies have resulted in major difficulties in the prosecution of this war. The adoption of a more co-operative stance, with all the countries pulling towards the same direction is the only way in which this war can be successfully carried out. D. [...]

[...] Last modified January Accessed July 29, 2013, Seper, Jerry. "Los Zetas' drug cartel boss, Trevino Morales, captured in Nuevo Laredo near border." Washington Times, July boss-trevino-morales-capture/. Stewart, Scott. "Mexico's Cartels and the Economics of Cocaine ."Stratfor Global intelligence. Last modified January Accessed July 29, 2013. cocaine. [1]Rawlins, Aimee. "Mexico's Drug War."Council on Foreign Relations. Last modified January Accessed July 29, 2013, [2]Stewart, Scott. "Mexico's Cartels and the Economics of Cocaine ."Stratfor Global intelligence. [...]

[...] The turf wars that these cartels keep fighting are as dynamic as they are common. As in the rest of South and Central America the cartels are usually brought down by the capture or killing of their leaders, which usually results in the splitting up and bloody factional fights. The head of Los Zetas has recently been caught[3]. D. Gang violence as a result of drugs provided by cartels along with gangs being used for distribution of drugs A lot of the income that the cartels get from their trade in illegal drugs ends up buying sophisticated arms and guns from the US which are then used in the vicious gang fights that have made Mexico the deadliest country in the world with up to 45,000 people feared dead or disappeared in the last year alone. [...]

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