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Driving on phone be banned - Distracted driving

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  1. Problem step
  2. Audience involvement
  3. Statement of solution
  4. Refutation of objectives to solution
  5. Audience analysis
  6. Motive appeals

Talking on the phone is an easy task because of the advancement I technology and the availability of devices such as Bluetooth Headsets and loudspeaker systems that enable a person top drive while talking on the phone. Talking on the phone while driving enables a person top save time by multitasking, especially when stuck in traffic. However, the interruption of the thought process has the ability to distract a driver at a crucial moment. When driving, fractions of seconds may make all the difference in the world.

Like everybody else, I occasionally receive calls or get the urge to make a call while driving. However, I realize that the calls disrupt my driving and I often swerve when I am talking on the phone. Therefore, I embarked on a task to show why talking on the cellphone while driving should be banned.

[...] Talking on the handset whilst driving saves time 1. This is not true, the instinctive urge to slow down nullifies the time saving benefit Visualization or projection step a. If everyone stopped talking on the phone while driving, the road would be safer 1. The risks of driving would be reduced 2. The inconveniencing of other drivers would be minimized b. If the law compelled drivers to stop talking on the phone, there is a potential for positive development 1. [...]

[...] Capturing the role of an individual in escalating the problem to draw their support References Kiesbye, S. (2012). Distracted driving. Detroit: Greenhaven Press. Gerdes, L. I. (2008). Teen driving. Detroit: Greenhaven Press. [...]

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