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E-commerce: Case study

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case study
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  1. Introduction
  2. E-commerce
  3. Search engine
  4. Popular mobile gambling
  5. Conclusion

Business-oriented networks are important based on their ability to offer user demographics; hence internet savvy professionals that have a lot of interest in connecting with other professionals can use these networks. Business-oriented networks also acts as a professional marketing platform and in seeking suppliers, this can be done at varying degrees. Business-oriented network sites have profiles that act as a great tool for the discovery of new career and business opportunities; in addition to this, the site can be excellent for increasing visibility in search engine. Majority of the business oriented network sites have the profile of its members optimized for search engines and this has several benefits for the social network members. The member has the ability to control the business profile including the listing that will appear on the search engine results of the company.

A business with a link is able to benefit from the authority especially if the business oriented social network has Google or any other search engine. On the contrary, enterprise social networks mainly focus on the various social networks for businesses and individuals that have the same business interests. An ESN is enterprise social software and in most circumstances regarded as an Enterprise 2.0 component used by various businesses for commercial purposes. ESN has corporate intranet alterations and various classic software stages that many large companies use to organize message sending and receiving, collaboration among other intranet features. ESN are thought to include standard social external service network which is essential in generating visibility for an organization (Thaw, 2013, p. 907).

[...] Botnets evil forms of work distributed over computers and the power of processors are awesome forces botnet herders seek for new ways to use this power in gaining money and clout (Young et al p. 281). Computers are becoming more powerful and prevalent and this creates more opportunity for the spreading of zombie plague, hence there is the probability that the botnet will get worse before getting better. Website hacking takes place when search engine spamming occurs, this is achieved when a rogue copy of a popular website is created and will show contents similar to that of the original to a web crawler and I n the process redirect the web suffers to a separate website; this technique is used by spammers in achieving high ranking especially for result pages for key words. [...]

[...] Elements that make the web page such as html, link attributes, java, etc. will require the web designers to use sound code strategy on this elements; this will present content and the links on the same page and it will be favorable for search crawlers. Inbound link sources are useful in building or destroying the natural ranking, therefore, link popularity can be used in determination of the number of links that will point to a particular domain. There should be relevance in the link and this is associated with the partner based on the contexts of the link, hence the reputation should be perceived as quality of a partner's page and the respective network. [...]

[...] Thaw, D. (2013). Criminalizing Hacking, Not Dating: Reconstructing the Cfaa Intent Requirement. Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology, 103(3), 907- 948. Yani-de-soriano, M., Javed, U., & Yousafzai, S. (2012). Can an industry be socially responsible if its products harm consumers? The case of online gambling. Journal of Business Ethics, 110(4), 481-497. Young, R., Zhang, L., & Prybutok, V. [...]

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