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Early Adulthood Life

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  1. Introduction
  2. Early Adulthood
  3. Conclusion

Early adulthood focus brings one to the realm of reality by revealing the day-to-day responsibilities and burden befalling members in this category of their personal life. In practice, every individual yearns for the betterment of the present situation in which one is raised. For instance, many children in their adolescent stage will often state that they work hard to better their parenting role and avoid the challenges their parents faced. However, the attainment of such personal goals for them has never been simple in practice as it seemed to them when orally stated before they assumed their new role and status in early adulthood. In particular, for today's young people, the road to adulthood is a long one with the freedom to explore possibilities in love and work; a time for high hopes and big dreams (Arnett, 2004, p. 3). Unfortunately, many victims will recant their initial statements which they publicly stated back then, when they fail to realize their adolescence objectives. Overcoming the early adulthood challenges requires exemplary balancing skills at the individual level to overcome repetitive and competing requirements existing as a compelling reality.

[...] In practice, young adults engage in intense and meaningful relationships with their intimate partners and co-workers attempting to cope with the complex challenges of daily life by balancing multiple roles (Newman & Newman p. 435). June, like many others whose childhood dreams were abridged due to failed parenting, used her past life ordeal to serve as the driving force to push her performance to new heights. These exemplary features did not take her long before she notably drew the attention of gentlemen amongst whom she dated Samson in her final year in college. [...]

[...] L., & Rook, K. S. (2010). Lifespan Development: Infancy Through Adulthood. Belmont: Cengage Learning. Chamie, J., & Mirkin, B. (2012, March 2). Childless by Choice. Retrieved June from Gillies, V. (2003, June). Family and Intimate Relationships: A Review of the Sociological Research . [...]

[...] EARLY ADULTHOOD Additionally, the nature of the early adulthood trend of remaining childless by choice is driven by various trends. For instance, most couples attribute their decision to their career aspirations alike June and her spouse while some cite failure to attain financial stability; a 6 requirement to meet family obligations adequately in this dynamic era. On the other hand, others have an entitlement and commitment to elderly care schemes that are demanding in a similar nature to raising children. [...]

[...] Firstly, her perspective of early adulthood began to change during the transition stage of her relationship. Remarkably, she describes how difficult it was to suppress the pressure on her shoulders by striving to strike the balance to handle Samson and the demands of her peer club and her adolescence objectives and relent none. Typically, the transition stage is where young adults establish and revise goals, setting new standards for EARLY ADULTHOOD competence and self-acceptance (Newman & Newman p. 435). This presented tough times which subsequently ate into her academic performance before she established enough ground for the new calling. [...]

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