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Education: Impact of internet

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  1. Impact of internet on education
  2. The positive and negative aspects of the changes
  3. Public school districts should focus the majority of their technology resources on e-Learning delivery methods; my position
  4. Effects of the internet environment on cognition, motivation and learning
  5. How constructivism as a learning theory supports the e-learning process?
  6. Plex Model of Networked Learning application by professionals
  7. Ways to foster motivation and authentic learning opportunities for students taking online courses
  8. How quality assurance programs are ensuring quality online learning experiences?

Internet has brought significant change to education particularly in making research much easier. In addition, internet has supported online education and increased the audience relying on the internet for learning particularly higher learning. Teachers have also made use of online videos to elaborate on topics they are teaching to ensure that their students understand the lessons.

Research has been made easier hence it is easy for students to carry out their findings on the internet and compile reports. On the other hand, this has resulted to so many varying results in research since there is so much information regarding the same topic on the internet. It has also made researchers lazy to go to the field and get first-hand research results. The audience accessing education has drastically increased hence much knowledge and skills are being acquired. On the other hand, false information is also found on the internet hence may be misleading to people who are learning. It has been easy for teachers to use the internet to elaborate their point in class and also motivate their students.

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