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Effect of color on mood

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  1. Introduction
  2. Hypothesis
  3. Does the color of the environment have an effect on mood?
  4. Results
  5. Conclusion

Color is an aspect of life that has been present with humanity since its inception. As such, the two aspects are often so delicately intertwined to the extent that the mere presence of color can have significant effects on a human being. Researchers and psychologists have over time studied the fundamental aspects of color and have realized that blue color has calming and relaxing effects. Red color on the other hand has been linked to increased energy levels signified by agitation that have the overall effect of causing anxiety in human beings.

Out of the eleven that were subjected to the blue video, 42.5% exhibited high energy emotions while 57.4% exhibited low energy emotions. Out of the eleven that were subjected to the blue video, 44.0% exhibited high energy emotions while 55.9% exhibited low energy emotions. The results of this research undoubtedly specify that color does have a significant effect on mood in human beings.

[...] Studies have been carried out since the 1960's to determine the outcome of color on the mood of individuals and the result is has always been the same. Viewing a red video has been known to cause anxiety among participants while viewing a blue video has been known to make the participants feel calm and relaxed. In light of this, a research study was developed to study the effects of color on the mood of twenty two participants. Colors have been known to define people hence the study of how color affects them is fundamental. [...]

[...] Color and emotional functioning: The consequence of red on recital attainment. Journal of Experimental Psychology. PsycARTICLES. Yildirim, K., Akalin-Baskaya, A., Hidayetoglu, M. (2007). Effects of interior color on mood and cognitive concert. Journal of Building and Environment. Elsevier. [...]

[...] The dependent variable is the change in mood which depends on the nature of color that the participant is subjected to. Data on mood was collected and classified as energy for emotions like friendly and negative for emotions like tense. The positive or negative emotions were also categorized as either high energy or low energy emotions depending on the level of energy that they presented in the participant. Results In the initial questionnaire in which participants were asked to express their moods exhibited high energy emotions while 55.2 exhibited low energy emotions. [...]

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