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Effectiveness of Tim Smit’s Leadership Style

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  1. Introduction
  2. Effectiveness of Tim Smit's Leadership Style
  3. Cornwall clay
  4. Conclusion

Today business environment has seen the emergence of various approaches in leadership revealing its importance to the success of organizations. Leadership centres on providing a vital scope of inspiring and delivering change in the organization by demonstrating concern for other individuals alongside attaining efficiency in production. This demonstrates that effective leaders,who have great concern for their subordinates and operations of the organization, commit to motivating their employees to accomplish their highest potential while positively responding to change. It replicates contemporary switch from traditional command lines of leadership approach to a collaborative climates nurtured by the leaders ability to influence and attain followership (Brent & Dent, 2012). Effective leadership involves sustaining awareness of change by retaining active bonds with the employees to eliminate laxity and spark vision at workplaces. That said, influencing and inspiring subordinates towards a defined direction requires leaders to sustain their alertness to effect of change on their people and production.

[...] Management Fundamentals: Concepts, Applications, Skill Development ed.). Mason: Cengage Learning. Lussier, R. N., & Achua, C. F. (2010). Leadership: Theory, Application, Skill Development ed.). Mason: Cengage Learning. McCarthy, M. (2012, June 04). Tim Smit: Life after Eden . [...]

[...] The project further describes Smit as team-oriented and concerned with utilizing the available resources to make life bearable for all. Considering the institution focus of applying the digital media for individuals to update their skills, it demonstrates Smit's concern for people to maximize production. For instance, the HOW2 project would encourage application of ecofriendly inputs to bridge the skills gaps existing when individuals fail to upgrade their practical skills (McCarthy, 2012). With Smit at the helm, the HOW2 project serves as an inspiration to spur invention and problem solving spirit in the society. [...]

[...] While appreciating the vital role served by diverse networks, Smit reaches out to others to inject renewed ideas to strengthen his vision. By running the Eden project as a social enterprise, Smit values teamwork from which he facilitate fundraising programmes to sustain wider objectives, while simultaneously upholding future citizenship values. Bearing in mind that no signs of reticence exist in his leadership, the fruits of an inspiring team contribution emerge from the successful venture of Cornwall geothermal power plant (Wade, 2011). [...]

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