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Election rigging and effects on education development in Africa

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  1. Introduction
  2. Concept of Election: Scope and significance
  3. Features of credible elections
  4. Meaning and strategies for election rigging
  5. Election rigging: The case of some countries in Africa
  6. Factors influencing election rigging
    1. Poverty
    2. Ignorance of electorates
  7. Ineffective Law
  8. Flaws in Electoral Laws
  9. Ethnicity
  10. Ineffective Electoral Agent
  11. Corruption
  12. Unemployment
  13. Value system of the society
  14. High emoluments for politicians
  15. Do or die syndrome among politicians
  16. Intimidation of electorates
  17. Effects of election rigging on Children, in Africa's Context
  18. Election rigging: Way forward in Africa
  19. Summary and Conclusion

In a contemporary society, election is recognised as the legitimate way of effecting a change of government. This is based on the fact that democracy is the best form of government through which many dividends can accrue to the citizens of every nation that imbibe it. The conduct of election can however be necessitated by the need to correct bad government or ensure that another government comes into power so that the dividends of democracies can be enjoyed fully by the citizens. The way and manner in which election is conducted in a country, however determines the level of political culture and participation, as well as good governance.

The quest for institution of democratic norms, having for several decades been under the tutelage of military imperialism, has led many countries in Africa to consider the option of election conduct a sine qua non to their growth and development in all ramifications, more so that there are less to show for the long years of these countries under the military, in terms of development. The wave of elections has thus continued to sweep across many African countries. Unfortunately, studies have revealed that transiting from one regime to another is often the problem in most African States (Falana, 2009). The violence that occurs before, during and after elections, often bring about instability in the political system in Africa countries. No doubt, election rigging is a major bane of Africa democratic struggle and sustainability over these years.

[...] In spite of the role of education to individual development, literacy level in Africa has been low. Many adult illiterates thrive in many countries in the world. Many among the illiterates will thus not see anything wrong in their indulgence in election rigging. Table Adult Literacy Rates in selected African countries Source: Human Development Report (2013). Ineffective Law If there is any feature that is common in many developing African countries, it is nothing than the ineffectiveness of the law. [...]

[...] Election has wider scope. It can be organized at local, state, and at national levels, depending on the purpose it is meant to achieve. In Nigeria as example, election of Chairmen of Local Government Areas Councils, House of Assemblies, House of Representatives and Senate are prevalent. Election is very significant in every nation. According to Ejeba (2012), it: - ensures that voters freely choose who will represent them; - enable voters to make choices among the parties, candidates and programmes; - ensures that elected officials are accountable to the electorates; - promotes citizens' sense of belonging in government; - promotes public confidence, trust and support for government and its programmes; and - provides the mechanism for collective efforts towards the development of a country. [...]

[...] The situation is not helped by the high emolument being paid to those holding political offices. It is worrisome to note that in Nigeria, the salary of a Local Government Councilor is more than what a University Professor is earning at the end of the month. This is the unfortunate situation in many African countries where those that are less endowed intellectually now earn more than those that are skillful. Quite disturbing also is the fact that the mouth watery benefits being paid to politicians now serves as impetus for desperate politicians to wish to rig election at all cost. [...]

[...] O. (2007). Basic Terms in Political Science, Ado-Ekiti: Mac Anthony Ventures The Guardian (2007). April 30, Lagos 1993-1998 Microsoft Corporation Transparency International (2012). International Corruption Perception Index. [...]

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