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Elements of religious tradition

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  1. Introduction
  2. The basic components of religious tradition
    1. Hinduism
    2. Judaism
    3. Christianity
  3. Similarities
  4. Conclusion

Hinduism is the world's oldest documented religion. Followers worship in temples dedicated to their deities. Hindu deities are not like the average figures of worship. The Hindu deities are brightly colored, sometimes with multiply limbs, sometimes not human-like at all.

Followers under the Hindu religion believe in karma and rebirth. Under this notion you are believed to be reborn after you die. The form or figure that you are reborn as is highly dependent on how you lived during your initial lifetime. If you were a good, just, and moral person you can be reborn as a King or Queen. However, if you lived a dirty and an immoral life, than you might be reborn as a rat. ?Karma is the moral law of cause and effect, and belief in karma is a belief that every action has an automatic moral consequence? (Molloy, 2010, pg. 87, para. II).
Followers of the Hindu faith are devoted to animals, especially cows. Yoga is a huge practice for the followers of the Hindu faith. There are numerous amounts of yoga which include: Jnana yoga, karma yoga, Bhakti yoga, Raja yoga, Hatha yoga, kundalini yoga, and many others. ?In fact, any systematic set of techniques that leads to greater spirituality can be considered a yoga? (Molloy, 2010 pg. 95 para. V).

Hindu ?[r]eligious festivals are frequent and usually joyous. Some are clearly associated with the seasons, such as a springtime fertility festival and a post-monsoon festival. Holi is another religious celebration and it considered a holiday for colors. Divali is the for the followers to clean their houses and illuminate them outside with candles and lights? (Molloy, 2010, pg. 105, para. VIII). During Dura Puja, a winter celebration, the followers the Hindu religion dance in front of statues before emerging them in the river.

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