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Engineering fundamentals and problem solving

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  1. Introduction
  2. Engineering Consultancy
  3. Engineering teaching/ education
  4. Engineering programs
  5. Petroleum Engineering
  6. Comparison
  7. Personal characteristics
  8. Conclusion

Engineering Consultancy- My desire and goal is to acquire specialized knowledge in mechanical Engineering through research and further education, the knowledge will enable me to give engineering advice or provide services in the field. I take this as a possible career path for me because I am an honest person who is communicates effectively and a good time manager. Over the long term I will set up my consulting firm to serve a range of production companies over the range of multi-faceted roles.

To achieve this I will need to acquire a professional Engineers license and gain mechanical engineers membership. Work experience of a minimum of five years in companies that provide consulting type services. Further, I need to improve my social skills to get a network of connection which will be crucial in getting contracts when I start the consulting firm.

Engineering teaching/ education- My consulting knowledge will finally be given back to the society through upcoming engineers by teaching in institutions of higher learning. I have a passion to support others to challenge and improve theories in Engineering. Teaching will enable me to share my consulting and practical mechanical experience in a way that will motivate my students to research more and improve the Engineering field knowledge.

[...] Previous pre-engineer metal building experience. iii. Observe ABC codes in building designs. iv. A minimum of IET certification. v. Ability to design low to id range projects. Comparison The design engineer position has higher experience requirements compared to the trainee position that only certificates and some knowledge in the structural building are required. The fulltime design engineer position requires professional certification in the United States whereas the intern position minimum of graduate certificate. Registration with the professional body is a requirement in the fulltime position whereas for the graduate trainee position requires minimum IET certification. [...]

[...] Design Engineer i. Understand current building codes and standards in the metal building industry. ii. Minimum Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering with specialization in structural building (Civil engineering). iii. Experience self storage and roofing systems iv. Registration with professional body. v. Ability to interpret structural drawings and develop project scopes when needed. i. Design accurate, safe and cost effective structures. vi. Manage projects by communicating to customers to deliver cost effective designs 2. Design Engineer trainee ii. [...]

[...] Strong analytical skills and great technical awareness acquired by extensive reading. iv. Willingness to work hard to achieve the end goals which satisfies my mind and professional curiosity. v. Selfness at work which enables me to effectively manage a team. vi. Great sense of time for planned tasks in projects. The above personal characteristics are specific to achieve desirable goals but the four suggested characteristics are general and cannot guarantee success in an engineering project. The characteristics are important to get any individual in the right track in Engineering design and analysis but deeper and more specific characteristics should be developed through experience, and learning. [...]

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