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Environmental issues affecting beauty salon in the international arena

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  1. Introduction
  2. The beauty industry
  3. Beauty salon
  4. Analysis
  5. Conclusion

The beauty industry has been drastically growing and spreading into various countries around the world. In the United States, the industry has proven to be a recession-proof industry that has not been affected by the economic recession. A beauty salon is a component of the beauty industry that deals with cosmetic treatments for women and men. It is different from a hair salon although most of the business offer both hair and skin treatment. However, beauty salon deals with skin treatment and spa treatments. In America, the beauty salon market is well distributed across the country but the business has well flourished in the Northeast and Midwest. In addition, the employment has increased and still increases in the coming years. In regards to the U.S Labor Department, employment opportunities in this industry will increase with a 20% rate with the skin care specialist having the greatest employment opportunities (Steers, Runde, & Nardon, 2010).

However, with the increased growth of this business, there are some environmental issues that it faces as it spreads from one state to another. There are some legal responsibilities that a business must stick to protect its employees, customers and most of the entire environment in which the company operates on. A beauty salon that adheres to the environmental regulations has a good reputation and operates on profits. The business should operate on an environmental policy that emphasizes on health and safety.

[...] The business is liable for all accidents that are caused in the premises thus it is advisable to install the preventive measures. The facility should be well prepared for fire accidents by having the required equipments to prevent and combat fire accidents. The beauty salon should also make sure that there is the proper storage of harmful chemicals. It will help prevent exposure that can cause poisoning or cause a fire. The workers also included in the environmental challenge that beauty salon may face. [...]

[...] In a business such as beauty salons, almost all the activities require energy. Improper management will lead to high energy costs as well as energy wastage which have an adverse effect on the environment. In conclusion, beauty salon businesses should be ready to adjust in their operations as they spread from one state or country to another. Environmental regulations define the operations of the beauty salon. References Jones, G. (2010). Beauty imagined: A history of the global beauty industry : Oxford University Press. [...]

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