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Environmental management and development

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  1. Introduction
  2. Public apathy to public concern
  3. Local, national and international interests
  4. Regulatory compliance to continual improvement
  5. Environmental costs to competitive advantages
  6. Conclusion

Environmental management has played significant roles in the protection and regulation of the ecosystem. Changes in the climate and survival habitats have led to increased talks by international management organizations to intensify their role in environmental protection. Increased levels of industrialization and the lack of interest in environment protection programs have resulted to an environmental depravity (Morel and Igor 180). Lack of public consciousness on the role of environmental management has contributed to a society that does not care about the future generation. Profit driven industries have not adopted environmental protection strategies hence contributing to most of the air and water pollution's.

Most of the pollution cases happen with the knowledge of the public. However, there are fewer numbers of environmentalists, who have the duty to cause public awareness on both the long-term and short-term impacts of pollution. Public apathy has also led to the increased cases of pollution and environmental degradation (Morel and Igor 177). Most of the individuals lack interest in the contributing to the conservation of the ecosystem. Research has proved that most of the individuals do not take part in the fight against pollution by industries. As a result, they depend on the bodies to erect laws,order and policies that will assist in environmental management. In some countries, legal systems are corrupt leading to the pollution.

[...] They rely on charity organizations and donor funds to finance their activities. Conclusion Environmental management has served various roles despite the regulatory compliances. It has continued protecting the environment from natural and manmade pollution systems (Barrow 15). The fight for competitive advantages by firms has caused a barrier for implementation of environmental policies (Hitchens 246). Changing political and economic trends have altered some of the roles of environmental management. Works Cited & Bibliography Barrow, Christopher J . Environmental management and development. New York: Routledge Print. Hitchens, D. M. [...]

[...] W. N . Environmental regulation and competitive advantage: a study of packaging waste in the European supply chain. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Print. Koontz, Tomas M . Collaborative environmental management: what roles for government?. Washington, DC: Resources for the Future Print. Morel, Benoit, and Igor Linkov. Environmental security and environmental management the role of risk assessment. Dordrecht: Springer Print. [...]

[...] International environmental bodies have common laws that are addressed to member countries. Such interests play a significant role since individual countries may have faulty legal systems that do not care about the environment but self-interests. For example, corrupt countries where local laws are not applicable, international organizations join in the fight against pollution. Additionally, international interests have long-term decisions whereby they protect the environment for the future generation. They also have a role in carrying out researches to help in the provision of solutions to environmental problems. [...]

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