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Essay: Poverty and Global Justice

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  1. Introduction
  2. The concept of Global justice in the context of poverty
  3. Poverty : mother of all human rights violations
  4. The controversial question of responsibility in the violation of freedom from poverty
  5. Conclusion

Pregs Govender is a deputy from the South African Human Rights Commission deeply implicated in Human Rights issues in South Africa. She strongly highlighted the urgency of the situation in South Africa concerning poverty by affirming that « Sixteen million people, mostly woman, in rural areas have no access to sanitation ». Indeed, it is well know that poverty is an ongoing problem in the world and will be for many years regarding the lack of progress in that particular field.

But before getting into the topic, it would surely be better to define what is poverty and global justice. The « Oxford dictionary » defines poverty as « the state of being inferior in quality or insufficient in amount ». That is undeniably a large definition of poverty, it is therefore necessary to specify how this definition could fit with our subject. « Being inferior in quality » implicates the fact that the person in state of poverty is well below the standard of living established by the countries. « Insufficient in amount » means that this person is in lack of vital resources as water, food, but also main goods to assure the respect of his human dignity as a decent accommodation, electricity?

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