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Gilbane Gold Ethical Model – Analysis

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  1. Problem statement
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It is a case about an engineer that is at cross roads on what is best between ethics, and profession. There is reiteration of acting as an employee who is good and the sense of being ethically sound. There are two situations in this case that touches on ethics. The first being blowing of whistles and the second being ethical issues, which are inclusive of trust and honesty between the firm, and its environs. A major problem that has been stated in this case study is about fairness. This problem on fairness has been raised by individuals and masses for affirmative action on in convincing ethics. The place from which this case has been based on is Gilbane, an imaginary town. The mud that comes from the sewage plant situated in the city for very many years has been used as fertilizers and the sales are made under Gilbane Gold. This firm generates revenue from Gilbane Gold that supplements the city's tax revenue. This tax revenues saves a family composed of four roughly 3000 dollars every year.

For the lively income source to be protected, restrictions that are very harsh should be implemented on disposal of metals that are heavy in sewages. This sewage if well taken care of can provide farmers with fertilizers. Before the implementation of these regulations, this city had a good name on matters pertaining to business. It also gave tax abatements to the firms, which chose to locate to the town. Therefore, after the location of many firms into the city, enactment of the restrictions was done. Z CORP being one of the firms that located there monitored discharge in monthly bases from the plants, which produced toxic materials at that time of manufacturing. The

[...] Hence, the difference of the two situations described above is centered on issues on what can help in the elimination of such practices (King and Mayhew). Another point is falling out because of facts is difficult to solve just like disagreement over ethical issues. There are mentioned instances when discriminatory hiring practices had their way for years, and were eliminated by the enforcement of affirmative action on policies. An argument is based on inclination of the young compared to the elders on hiring on merit basis. This argument may not have been proved making the argument be unresolved. [...]

[...] The issue is whether Gilbane city acted towards Z CORP unfairly. Another aspect on fairness is problems and benefits being equally distributed. Fairness is also evident when David is compelled to signing of documents confirming Z CORPs agreement with discharge while in the real sense; there is a violation of standards. Reflection The most desirable option to take is alerting the involved people that authorities have been summoned, and he will be forced to unfold what is behind the new test. [...]

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