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The impact of the marketing environment: Greggs

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  1. Introduction to Greggs business
  2. PESTEL analysis on Greggs
  3. Socio-cultural environment
  4. SWOT analysis on Greggs
  5. Conclusion

Greggs is large chain of bakeries established in 1951 from John Gregg. The business is locate and operate in UK market. Later in 1964 his son Ian Gregg starts to develop and pattern the way for one very successful profit business by delivering a good quality of the product and great value. The company was expanding in 1984 and this year Greggs is been in stock exchange for first time. With nearly 1700 shops, 9 regionals bakeries, 20000 employees and serve around 1 million customers from all age and gender groups every day now Greggs pretend for UK favourite bakeries (Gregg, 2013). In present time the company offer a wide range of bread, pasties and bakes, fresh prepared sandwiches, pasta and salads, sweet and drinks.

The Greggs marketing strategy now is mostly focused in ?food on the go? market and the company expecting leading position and bright future in this segment (Greggs plc, 2013). Pret a Manger, McDonalds, Whitbread, Percy Angles, Marks and Spencer, Tesco, Asda, Morrison, local bakeries are just part of the competitors. Even those strong opponents does not stop Greggs to extend the business and information from their annual reports for period between 2012-2015 shows that Greggs opened 200 shops and this is result of great company management.

[...] That is perfect example for huge positive impact for the company on the way of achieving their aims and objectives. This could help Gregg's business to get big advantages against their competitors, because this new system will support the internal communications between management and operating core, increasing of productivity also may appear Legal environment The legal environment is rules and regulations developed from the external organisations controlled from the government. Some of those regulations have the force of law (Brassington and Pettitt 2012). [...]

[...] Other very important moment is that Greggs should pay particular attention to their social marketing if they want to prevent decreasing of the demand for their products. This may occur, because most of the ingredients such salt, flour, sausages, coffee carbonated drinks which Greggs using in their products are non-healthy and the social responsibilities is very important in those case in order to keep satisfaction of the consumers. According to Weinreich (2010) corporate businesses such Greggs in these days should focused more and more attention in their social responsibilities and to apply adequate support in different range of social campaign. [...]

[...] (2010 p.5) Hands-on Social marketing Sage Publications Inc. Internet resources: 1. Aero mark (2015) Gregg's reports 60% productivity boost with Aero mark Optima tics Published: available from: aeromark-optimatics/ accessed: Ellison J. MP (2013) Reducing obesity and improving diet available from accessed: GOV UK (2014) Food safety available from: accessed: Greggs plc (2013-2015) Menu available from: accessed: Office for national statistics Regional Gross Disposable Household Income (GDHI) released Available from household-income/spring-2014/stb-regional-gdhi-2012.html accessed: Pret a manger (2014) Waste available from accessed: Money moments (2015) Greggs Bakery Profits Hit by Internet Shopping Rise available from rise/2952/ accessed: Journals and articles 1. [...]

[...] Any alteration on these rules and procedures may apply key role on marketing decision for changing prices, product segmentation or production costs. For example UK government in 2013 warning about obesity in England .Official publications in the UK government website shows that in England most people are overweight and they create programme for prevention. Overweight people are from different age groups and includes of adults and 28% of children aged between 2 and 15 (Ellison, 2013). This could have huge impact to Gregg's marketing policy by essentials changes in the menu of food they provide to the people, because some may cause dissatisfaction and health problems in the consumers if they overweight. [...]

[...] European Union may create impact in Gregg's business by starting regulation of the prices for whole European society. Any variations in the prices of different flours for example may arise to changes of costs for Gregg's products on the shelf. If the cost of production are increase or decrease this will reflect and have huge impact to the prices and demand changes (Griffiths and Wall, 2010). In one hand European Union could be a great opportunities for rising the customer demand for Greggs products, but in other hand if the UK Government decide to exit they could lose foreign consumers, because for emigrants from European countries may occur restrictions in their rights to living in UK Socio-cultural environment Socio-cultural elements such population and nationality, age and gender, education and occupation is part of the organisational behaviour of any business (Armstrong and Kothler, 2013). [...]

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