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International Law, Climate Change and the Arctic- The relevance of the Sustainable Development policy

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  1. Introduction
  2. The beginning of a global awareness on environmental issues
  3. The limited effectiveness of the global environmental action plan
  4. Conclusion

The environmental degradation expressed by the proliferation of phenomena as the destruction of the fauna and flaura, the deforestation, the proliferation of Permanent Organic Pollutant, the expansion of the hole in the ozone, global warming reflect the necessity of a global environmental action plan. But environmental issues are not only states'issues. The individuals have to play a role in that whole environmental situation by separating their waste to improve the recycling of wastes, reduce their gas emission by taking public transport, supporting sustainable products.

Considering the emergence of new economic superpowers such as China, India which has seriously changed the whole global order, it is legitimate to ask if the concept of sustainable development is still relevant nowadays and is not an unreachable ideal. Supporters of the « Degrowth » theory claim that sustainable development is a contradictory term, because it is still based on the development by the growth. Moreover, the degrowth theory denounces the danger of the actual world order which is based on the economic growth, development and research by the consumption of resources. The authors supporting that theory put the environmental problem in a more general perspective by affirming that Humanity has reached a point where growth, technological development is pointless and jeopardize the future of Earth.

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