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Introduction to the Challenges of European and French Law in Legal Informatics

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  1. Introduction
  2. An opposition between strict regulation and guarantee of individual and collective rights
  3. The emergence of new technologies : the adaptation of the existing law
  4. Conclusion

The " new technologies " which appeared thirty years ago and are characterized by a considerable development are subject to fundamental legal questions. The definition of new technologies remains vague and includes the information and communication technologies.
The information and communication technology groups include the innovations realized in the storage volume and the speed of the data processing and its transport thanks to the numeric and to the new ways of telecommunications (fiber optic network, cable, satellites, wireless technology).

These technologies have an impact on multiple domains, on our way of living, our economy. Considering the dynamic development of Internet, these new technologies force the legislator to establish specific laws as far as the already established Law is not efficient to address the needs arising from the development of those technologies. Indeed, Internet offers multiple possibilities, from the simple E-mail to the financial and stock-exchange services, the e-commerce, any demand can be satisfied today.

This diversity of services comes to complicate the legal environment leading to a convergence of the different fields of the Law. Indeed, e-commerce concerns inevitably contract laws, consumption law ; e-mail correspondence concerns right to privacy, telecommunications law?

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