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  1. Introduction
  2. The State of Michigan
  3. Breach of Contract
  4. State of Missouri
  5. Conclusion

Given the number of the different states from which the bulk of the clients of Hickey-Marco & Associates comes from, it is of great significance to understand the statutes of limitation for the various causes of action in those states.

The states in question include Wisconsin state, Michigan State, Iowa State, and lastly, Missouri State. With the increased number of cases coming in, the statutes of law in these states have to be followed for successful reference purposes. The causes of action to be looked at include, personal injury, breach of contract, in which there may be one for written contract, and the other for oral contract.
By definition, a statement of limitation refers to the enactment that exists in the legal system of common law, which puts a limit on the maximum time, that a person may seek legal proceedings after an event occurs that warrants the start of the legal proceedings. There are reasons why the statements of limitation are put in place. Among them, is that evidence may be corrupted if so much time passes by before the legal proceedings begins or are started.

[...] If this is not pursued in time, the case may be invalid from thence onwards. The time provide for the limitation of action based on ?injuries to a person or to property,? applies generally, to acts of negligence, financial loss claims, and the recovery of payments from third parties because of the personal injury. In addition, it applies due to the denial of a person's civil rights given by the state, or by the federal government law, the invasion of privacy, and many more. [...]

[...] Among them, is that evidence may be corrupted if so much time passes by before the legal proceedings begins or are started. The section that follows in this report summarizes the statutes of limitations for the different states in which the bulk of the clients do business. The State of Michigan Personal Injury The statute of limitation against the cause of action on the grounds of personal injury can best be understood through the case laws covered in the state of Michigan. [...]

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