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Marijuana legalization- Source of value creation and economic growth

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  1. Introduction
  2. Social attitude towards marijuana use: east vs. west
  3. Is marijuana really bad for your health, after all?
  4. Social costs of marijuana prohibition
    1. Justice system costs and law enforcement costs
    2. Prohibition does not decrease use
    3. Prohibition does increase crime
    4. Prohibition and drug abuse
  5. Marijuana legalization- a source of value creation and economic growth
    1. Tax revenue potential
    2. Industrial hemp potential
    3. Cannabis tourism potential
  6. Conclusion

Marijuana legalization may seem as a very unconventional theme for economic research. It really is, but the current economic crisis demands unconventional solutions for conventional problems. This research tries to prove many positive effects of marijuana legalization, both from social and economic point of view.

Unfortunately, empirical data on this topic is scarce, because of the negative attitude towards marijuana created by prohibition in western societies. Marijuana usage, possession and trade are criminal activities in most western countries and therefore no representative data exist. This makes the task of describing the empirical capacity of these activities highly impossible.

In order to achieve its goal, the paper researches different sources of valuable information on the topic. It depicts different positive effects that may result from marijuana legalization, giving real examples and solid arguments in defense of the thesis.

[...] It has many positive implications in medicine and industry, though, some of which will be mentioned later in this research. The aim of this part of the paper is to answer the question: marijuana really bad for the health, after Medical research shows that marijuana can suppress the learning ability and the memory skills of regular users This means that a person who smokes marijuana every day may not be able to function at his or her fullest intellectual capacity. [...]

[...] More and more researchers make parallels between marijuana prohibition and alcohol prohibition as a failed experiment Marijuana Legalization - A Source of Value Creation and Economic Growth This study has tried to estimate some of the costs that modern society has to pay for the prohibition of marijuana. Now, let's face a completely different reality! Let's imagine that the use and possession of small quantities of marijuana is absolutely legal for adults in Bulgaria. Could this become a possible source of value creation and economic growth for Bulgaria? [...]

[...] It's a source of value creation and economic growth. The implications of hemp and cannabis products are countless: they show fascinating results in medical treatment, beauty-care, agriculture, industry and recreation. Positive examples from other countries show that marijuana trade is able to resist even the current problems, created by the economic crisis. There is no need for imagination. All we have to do is overcome our fears and our prejudice, take an informed decision and ?copy / paste? the successful practices in Bulgaria. [...]

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