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Mass media: case study

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  1. Introduction
  2. Marxism
  3. Pluralism
  4. Diversification
  5. Neo-Marxism
  6. Flat Earth News
  7. Conclusion

Mass media is a specialized technology that helps in the spread of data through print, visual, digital and electronic media (Bennett, Curran, Gurevitch, and Wollacott, 2005). It involves the transfer of information from media companies to audiences through mass communications systems. Mass media has been relied on in most cases to cause awareness by exposing social activities. The changes in technology in the current have given birth to easier and convenient ways of passing messages from media houses to the households. Print media involves magazines, newspapers, and books among others that have to be read for an individual to access information. Visual media includes televisions, computers and laptops that can transmit videos of news clips and other data packages from news stations (Bennett, Curran, Gurevitch, and Wollacott, 2005).

Electronic and digital media have been facilitated by invention of the internet. As a result, modern day media companies have adopted the internet to broadcast information. However, critics have claimed that most media companies are focusing on profit making rather than the quality of knowledge. Scholars have supported the fact that ownership and control of mass media is based on the Marxist view.

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