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Overall Unit Effectiveness (OUE) for performance measurement and distribution of tasks analysis

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  1. OEE Literature Review
    1. Overall equipment efficiency (OEE): a worldwide used industrial performance indicator
    2. Derived indicators of Overall Equipment Efficiency
  2. Problem approach and methods employed
    1. Organisation around patient flow
    2. Measurement of performance for daily processes
    3. Construction of Overall Resource Effectiveness (OEE) for the OR
    4. Measurement of Value added Time for Operators (VAT)
    5. Construction of Human Resource Effectiveness (HRE)
    6. Global Measurement of performance
  3. Results
    1. Fast-Track Presentation
    2. Discussion of results
    3. Calculation of Global OEE using MEAH report's data
    4. IBODE: Calculation of GVAT, NVAT and HRE

Nowadays, business organizations are confronted with a competitive environment, which forces manufacturers to improve their quality, price and delivery time in order to improve their advantage over competitors, which depends on availability and productivity of their production facilities (Fleisher et al., 2006). Therefore, to attain higher prosperity, a management system is required to identify and eliminate production losses. One of the management systems commonly used is total preventive maintenance (TPM). However, a management system necessarily requires an appropriate information system to evaluate operating performance.

One of the important and widely used metrics of performance in manufacturing is overall equipment effectiveness (OEE): OEE is a tool that helps management to unleash hidden capacity and therefore reduce overtime expenditure and allow deferral of major capital investment (Muchiri and Pintelon 2006). Furthermore, it is not only as an operational measure, but also as an indicator of process improvement activities (Dal et al. 2000). Hansen (2002) mentioned that using OEE metrics and establishing an equipment performance reporting system will help to focus on the parameters critical to success, and analyzing OEE categories can reveal the greatest limits to success.

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