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Pre-Travel Advice Sysytem in The UK - An Assesment

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  1. Background
  2. Research problem statement and objectives
  3. Conceiving a qualitative and exploratory research framework
  4. Methodology and research framework
  5. Epistemology and methodological approach
  6. Search strategy
  7. Inclusion and exclusion criteria
  8. Data extraction and analysis
  9. Ethical implications.
  10. Results and study findings
  11. Findings ans policy implications
  12. Conclusions
  13. References

The UK residents are well-recognized international travelers exploring different parts of the world including disease endemic regions like the Indian Sub-continent & the Africa. This pattern of travel makes them vulnerable to infectious diseases like malaria and diarrhea, which are communicable in nature impacting social, health and economic wellbeing of the population. These impacts may be minimized by administering appropriate pre-travel advice. The dynamics of international travel render the erstwhile travel advice practices ineffective very fast, creating a situation where up-to-date knowledge on the effectiveness of pre-travel advice is hardly available.

[...] The results of this study in a way shall provide the platform for launching a pre-travel advice standardization mission where the minimum requirements for infrastructure, qualified professionals and protocols can be specified for compulsory implementation by all travel health advice and consultation service units. Successful implementation of this may reduce the uncertainties of the travelers, improve quality of service and importantly, result in better compliance. REFERENCES Behrens, RH ?Protecting the health of the international traveler', Trans R Soc Trop Med Hyg; 84: 611- Collin, J and Lee, K. [...]

[...] Conclusions The conclusions will throw light on whether proper pre-travel advice capacitates a traveler to keep away from contracting severe malaria and diarrhea while abroad consequently minimizing the need for medical assistance in the touring country. Important indicators like reduction of visits of returned travelers to the local GPs, infection risks of travelers vs. non-travelers, etc. shall be identified to appraise and conclude on the efficacy of the present pre-travel advice system in the UK. Background The world is fast becoming a global village and the best manifestation of this globalization is the phenomenal rise in international travel. [...]

[...] Under this scenario, it makes sense in studying and investigating the impacts of pre-travel advice on the health and wellbeing of the UK travelers abroad. For appraising the benefits and impacts of pre- travel advice, two types of communicable diseases-malaria and diarrhea, to which UK travelers are commonly vulnerable will be considered here for detailed investigations. Research Problem Statement & Objectives The significance of accurate pre-travel health advice is well recognized and a good number of studies exist highlighting the utility and benefits of sound pre-travel advice. [...]

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