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Reflection Paper-Anatomy Of The Sacred- Soteriology

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  1. Introduction
  2. Anatomy of sacred: Soteriology
  3. Christian salvation
  4. Buddhism
  5. Conclusion

There are different perceptions that we hold concerning religion, but the proves of education and the desire to get knowledge on religious issues enlighten us. The information I held concerning soteriology, which is salvation has been changed on learning this topic in anatomy of sacred. As a Muslim, I knew that salvation is about following Mohammed and trying to follow the Quran laws, but I have been more informed on different salvation as it pertains to other religions in the world. Salvation is a practice in most of the religions in the world although they all have different meaning and interpretation. Anatomy of sacred chapter 13 has expounded on this area enabling me to change some views, improve on others and even obliterate some. The introduction of soteriology has raised an understanding on salvation. The study has enabled me to know the origin and meaning of the word soteriology. The word originates from two Greek words ?soter' that means savior or deliverer and ?logos' that mean matters or issues. Soteriology is a combination of the two Greek words brought together to mean saving people from issues. Different religions perceive salvation different having different faith about salvation. As a Muslim, I did not think that the other religions have views concerning salvation, but the study of soteriology has given me an understanding of Buddhist salvation and Christian salvation.

[...] Conclusion Understanding the topic on soteriology has helped me in obliterating some issue that I held too much. Before the study, I thought that we have the obligation to carry out some tasks so that we can be qualified to receive salvation. On going through this topic, it has become clear that salvation is not attained through our hard word that tries to gain merit from God, but it is through grace. I have understood salvation us enjoyed by those elected by God, not through works. [...]

[...] Cambridge [England: University Press. Davidson, I. J., & Rae, M. (2011). God of salvation: Soteriology in theological perspective. Farnham, Surrey, England: Ashgate. [...]

[...] Salvation contributes to conversion, which is the human subjective response to God's gracious work. Conversion entails hearing uncompromised gospel and mixing it with the faith that saves through genuine repentance. For conversion to be effective, there must be repentance and faith that helps in believing the power of cross, death and resurrection and their importance. When individuals are converted through salvation, their actions also are transformed through imitating Jesus. This is because the aspect of conversion subjects the natural man to the leading of the Holy Spirit who renews the minds by transforming it gradually to perfection. [...]

[...] Their salvation help them to relate with others by carrying the burden on behave of others. This ensures that there is equality and the sufferings are shared among the members of the society who intend to eradicate these sufferings. A study of soteriology has changed my perception of salvation concerning Islam, Christianity and Buddhism religion. Before the study, I thought only Muslims recognize salvation, but through the study, I have known that Buddhists and Christians also have salvation. This study has shown me the difference in salvation between the different religions. [...]

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