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The struggle against sectarianism

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  1. Introduction
  2. The Canadian model
  3. The struggle against sectarianism
  4. The American "exception"

As for the US, they apply a formal separation church / state. This design is not based on secularism, but on the absolute freedom of religion.
According to the First Amendment to the Constitution, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment or prohibit the free exercise of religion .

Two clauses are present in the amendment. The non-establishment Establishment clause that prohibits state religion and leads to a separation of church and state (not like in the ECHR).
This clause requires the State absolute neutrality, characterized by the equality of all religions and the absolute prohibition of state aid to religion.

[...] It takes an idea of ??"compelling state." The Court E.D.H. refuses to assimilate religious freedom with liberty. The interest of the State bonus interest of the individual. The struggle against sectarianism: The review exercised by the Court: Difficult distinction between sect and religion: The term "cult" appears in 1250 and means "an organized group of people who have the same doctrine within a religion." No, the sect is not a religious order. She can give birth to Protestantism, Lutheranism and Calvinism. It may, on the other, disappear. [...]

[...] The same observation can be made of Buddhism as a detached sect of Hinduism. Vivien The 1983 report identified 116 hate groups in France. In 1995, the Guest-Guyard report counts 172 mothers sects and 800 satellites. Jehovah's Witnesses gather 130,000 members counted about 160,000. Professor Paul Valette makes a classification of certain sects. The Raelian Movement, for example, promotes the spread of alien messages. Rael is a prophet of a religion "atheist". The human being is a creator god. Qaunt Adventists, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, they defend the recognition of the value of the Bible and waiting for the end of time. [...]

[...] Keller against Germany 4 March 1998: school administration, Scientology, respect for the religious convictions of parents. Tsavachidis against Greece of 28 October 1997: freedom of association, Jehovah's witnesses, legal opening of a place of worship. Efstratiou against Greece of 11 April 1996: religious beliefs, Jehovah's witnesses, teaching. Pentidis, Katharios and Stagopoulos against Greece on 27 February 1996: Jehovah's witnesses, use of a private room as a place of worship and religious celebrations. Valsamis against Greece on 6 July 1995: religious beliefs, Jehovah's witnesses, teaching. [...]

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