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The struggle with poverty

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  1. Introduction
  2. A transnational issue
  3. Structure of the international organization
  4. Conclusion

In today's society, poverty is not only a regional issue for the United States, but an issue for all countries. Many different variables factor into a country having a high poverty level, but one variable that needs to be addressed primarily is the educational dilemma. As there is a direct correlation with education and poverty, this paper will address the concern over education and how, if done correctly, it would play a key role in helping diminish poverty numbers.

Poverty: A transnational issue
Each year, the Census Bureau establishes a poverty threshold which is then used by the United States government to determine an official poverty rate. It is a very effective means of determining poverty numbers as the Census Bureau does an annual calculation, but also because the account of inflation is figured in as well. This poverty threshold ?represents the annual amount of cash income minimally required to support families of various sizes.? Furthermore, The National Poverty Center states that ?a family is counted as poor if its pretax money income is below its poverty threshold?Money income does not include noncash benefits such as public housing, Medicaid, employer-provided health insurance, [or] food stamps.?

[...] All countries would help provide monetary support. Structure of the International Organization One of the three institutional features included in this international organization that will be touched upon in this paper is the feature of membership criteria. As mentioned previously, poverty affects each and every country. As a result, all countries that want to reduce its poverty numbers will be admitted. Moreover, of all admitted countries, the top ten wealthiest countries, in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) would help fund this organization and would be deemed full or providing members. [...]

[...] International cooperation, a joint effort of all countries, to help rid this world of poverty would help alleviate any constraints a country would find itself in. Once the demise of poverty is a reality, countries could throw the millions or billions of dollars being used to combat the issue toward a different issue. One problem exacerbated by the issue of poverty is the HIV/AIDS pandemic. HIV/AIDS and many other infectious diseases continue to impact the poor individuals across the world. [...]

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