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  1. Introduction
  2. The history part : once upon a time
  3. The advantages and the disadvantages
  4. The limits of these contracts
  5. Conclusion

Today, subcontracting is a common thing in business, especially in the secondary sector. Also, there is a lot of chance that objects we have in our hands are products produce partly or totally by subcontractors. This permit to have cheapest products: a dream for companies. But is subcontracting a dream for subcontractor, and more precisely, a dream for subcontractors' workers ? Indeed, today it is common to read something about Foxconn in newspapers and about its workers suicides. This example proposes us to ask this question : is subcontracting a danger? We can distinguish two important periods concerning the development of the subcontracts. First, there is the sixties and seventies period. In this one, the watchword is « competition by the price ».

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