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Team diversity paper

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  1. Introduction
  2. Age
  3. Values and attitudes differences
  4. Personality traits
  5. Sexual orientation
  6. Conclusion

The average age for college students is rising. ?At both Harvard and Notre Dame the average age is [sic] now 27. The University of Phoenix, which offers both online and traditional degree programs, has an average student age of 35-37? (n.a., 2009, pg. 1, para. I).

We currently live in the Information Age. Apparent age gaps exist in our current age. Baby Boomers generation are those born between the years of 1946-1964, Generation X are those born between the years of 1965-1985, and Generation Y are those born between the years of 1978-1990 are all trying to co-exist with the most recent Generation Z.

Generation Y and Generation Z both have a major advantage on the previous generations. They were born into an age where computers were used more often and they were fortunate enough to become experienced with programs and software. The Baby Boomers and Generation X are not so lucky.

[...] Retrieved on June from Posner, Roy. (2011). Traits of Human Consciousness. Retrieved on June from Sirorski, John and Patricia Rapinchuk. (2004). Eliminating Sexual Orientation Bias. Retrieved on June from 4c5d-8216-bc57dd998724%40sessionmgr110&vid=3&hid=124. [...]

[...] Now in past teams, I have actually worked with people who loved the same sex, I myself would be in that category, some people were alright with it but others had a problem; no matter what, gay straight, or bi-sexual. What have you someone will always be judgmental of another's sexual preference in the work place. Some will even be harassed to the point that they quit the job. It's not fair, and according to the United States there are no laws at current time, that cover sexual orientation Discrimination in the workplace. [...]

[...] A way to see that can also be found in how well they help and communicate with the team to complete the assignments. These ways are; they do not post in the team forum often if at all in the academic week. They do not volunteer for portions, it is a hassle to contact them to get an update on their work and they never edit or revise their own work. The personality traits show that there are lazy, unreliable, dependent and uncommitted to the team. [...]

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