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Teen Pregnancy: The need for a Comprehensive Sexual Education Program in Massachusetts

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  1. Introduction
  2. Comprehensive sexual education
  3. Puberty, changes in the body
  4. More availability of contraception
  5. Policy recommendations for older urban communities and areas with high rates of teen pregnancy
  6. Process development: How I developed my recommendations
  7. Obtaining legislative support
  8. Lobby legislative leaders
  9. Conclusion
  10. Works cited

Why does the United States have almost four times the rate of teen pregnancies as France? Almost nine times the teen pregnancy rates of the Netherlands?
Other nations have sexual education implemented in an effective manner within their school systems. France has implemented a mandatory sexual education curriculum that is taught in both private and public schools. The greatest emphasis is placed on middle school sex and health education. Reproduction is taught in biology and there are mandatory requirements, two hours in middle school and 30 to 40 hours in high school

[...] Process development, how I developed my recommendations: Personal experience with a comprehensive sexual education During my study abroad in Australia last year I had the opportunity to take a course entitled ?Love Sex & Relationships? it was unlike any course I have ever had before and it was the most comprehensive sexual education class I could have imagined. After going through the course every day many of the students who were American felt as if they had just learned something they were supposed to have learned a long time ago. [...]

[...] Work with Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-choice Massachusetts, and National Organization for Women, other Massachusetts interest groups to The National campaign to prevent teen pregnancy, establish a coalition between these groups Setup informational sessions for the legislature: Use the lobbyists for these groups to implement the plans outlined in this memorandum Obtain public support Have public write letters to legislatures regarding the need for comprehensive sexual education. Obtain media support Establish a coalition with the interest groups to obtain legislative support of the plan of action as outlined in this memorandum. [...]

[...] If a student is in such a situation where she needs to take a pregnancy test, the availability of the test in schools is not going to encourage students to get pregnant; it will simply provide a safe haven to take the test if the need arises. To pay for these items to be available in schools interest groups donations can be sought from interest groups, condom companies, and local pharmacies. Conclusion: There is a lot of debate about parental responsibility in terms of sexual education; however, if parents were providing adequate sexual information to their teenagers we wouldn't have 79 out of every 1,000 young girls become pregnant before age 20. [...]

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