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The problem of binge drinking, alcohol abuse among contemporary college transfer students

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Brief Statistics.
  3. Review of Literature.
  4. Needs Assessment.
  5. Contribution to the Mission / Learning Outcomes.
  6. Intervention.
  7. Evaluation.

Except for scratches and wounds that occur during school breaks every year, the most notable outcomes of college drinking that frequently come to the public's attention are sporadic student deaths resulting from excessive use of alcohol like for instance alcohol poisoning or other alcohol-related misfortunes. They quickly trigger a pithy flood of media attention; then, the topic dies a natural death until the next episode takes place. Actually, the results of college drinking are much more than intermittent; annually, at least 1,400 college student deaths are associated with the use of alcohol. In like manner, high-risk drinking also leads to grave injuries, assaults and other health and academic problems and is a primary aspect when dealing with cases like damage to institutional property. The virtual shortage of headlines about college drinking contradicts a significant fact -- the outcomes of unwarranted college drinking are more pervasive and a lot more vicious than most people realize.

[...] Alcohol use and abuse in college students has been sufficiently documented and is conceivably the most sober and challenging public health problem facing colleges at present (Walters and Bennet, 2000). The increased rates of alcohol consumption and alcohol abuse (Margolis, 1992) have raised concern with college students' excessive drinking patterns and the serious consequences associated with alcohol use (Quindlen, 1994). One research study inferred that during the past twenty years, rates of frequent heavy drinking have shifted little among college students (Johnston et al. [...]

[...] Intervention Basically, research is supported on the development and testing of interventions that will result to considerable reductions in the incidence and prevalence of alcohol problems inside college campuses by putting off and reducing high-risk and abusive drinking among contemporary college transfer students. The critical objective of all alcohol-problem preventive interventions is to prevent underage drinking and influence individual and group behavior regarding alcohol use in ways that reduce risks to drinkers and those around them. In some cases, environmental interventions seek to accomplish this objective by changing external contingencies that promote or inhibit drinking, or the cost- risk-benefit matrix within which drinking decisions are made. [...]

[...] Likewise, focus groups can be held participated in by the students and allow them to talk of their experiences and permit them to express what they have observed ever since the said interventions have been executed. Another way would be to investigate school administrators and the teachers themselves if there had been significant change in the rates of incidence of binge drinking and alcohol abuse inside their colleges and universities. References Baer, J.S., Stacy, A. and Larimer, M. (1991): Biases in the perception of drinking norms among college students. Journal of Studies on Alcohol pp. 580-586. Borges, N.J., & Hansen, S.L. (1993): Correlation between college students' driving offenses and their risks for alcohol problems. [...]

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