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Ways in which women are oppressed

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  1. Introduction
  2. Ways in which women are oppressed
  3. Analysis
  4. Conclusion

Oppression of women has been an issue of discussion for many years. Oppression of women comes in many forms and differs from society to the other. In most cases, the oppression of women is in terms of lack of equal opportunities and representation of both men and women in society. Women don't have the same rights as men where most societies associate women with the role of taking care of their families only. Women's oppression has become very crucial, which is revealed by the number of activist groups that have come up to condemn the practice. This essay analyzes different books in an attempt to establish the different ways in which oppressed. Women face oppression in different ways, which are convergent in many societies. Many societies have deemed men as the controllers of the lives of women. Where women are not responsible for any decisions regarding their lives or those that affect their families. Cultural stereotypes are responsible for this type of oppression of women. A story that shows how women face oppression and lack of independence. The story is about Mallard, a woman who mourns the death of her husband, but at the same time enjoys the new feeling of freedom and independence. The death of Mallard's husband affects her where she weeps the arms of her sister. However, the events that followed this show that Mallard gained a new life that was better than the one she shared husband. The quote, ?the top of the trees, were all aquiver with the new spring life? suggests that there was a new life full of new ideas for Mallard (Chopin 78). She would enjoy her freedom and independence, which had been taken away by her husband. Therefore, lack of freedom is one of the ways in which women face oppression in the society.

[...] Therefore, lack of freedom is one of the ways in which women face oppression in the society. Thomas King also outlines some ways of oppression of women in his book, Borders. The short story is about the life of a mother, who fights to survive the challenges of acceptance and struggle for inner character. The story is about the challenges that affect minority groups in the society, especially in North America. The mother tries to cross the border where the guards assume her due to her native American tribe. [...]

[...] It is very ironic that the Americans consider the natives' culture as being inferior. Therefore, the story shows that women face oppression and discrimination in different ways. Thinking in the society is in terms of race, religion and sex, which are some of the forms of oppression and discrimination against women. Patricia's GROWING UP NATIVE AMERICAN is a collection of short stories that show the meaning and types of oppression in the society. The collection shows the challenges that affect individuals who grow up in the native American societies. [...]

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