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Kindergarten Lesson Plan: Fun With Patterns!!

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  1. Objectives
  2. Content
  3. Benchmarks
  4. Learning resources and materials
  5. Development of lesson
    1. Introduction
    2. Methods/procedures
    3. Accommodations/adaptations
    4. Assessment/evaluation
  6. Closure

Objectives: The students will be able to demonstrate their knowledge of patterns by creating and finishing patterns that involve colors, shapes, objects and numbers.

Content: *Patterns can be made from colors, shapes, objects, numbers, etc.
* Definition: Patterns = are repeated cycles or a sequence of similar items.

? G.GS.00.03: Create, describe and extend simple geometric patterns.

Learning Resources and Materials: * 4 small cups *60 linker cubes of different colors *Computers *Clifford online game ?How Does Your Garden Grow?? *4 pattern worksheets *crayons

[...] If students are having trouble with extending the patterns or creating their own, I could create a pattern for them to look at for a little bit or create one with the students by asking them ?What do you think I should put next in this pattern?? etc. If students cannot find a pattern in the room, create a sequence that is a pattern and also one that is not. Have the students tell you which one is a pattern and why they think this. [...]

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