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Kindergarten lesson plan title: Apple sentences

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  1. Objectives
  2. Content
  3. Benchmarks
  4. Learning resources and materials
  5. Development of lesson
    1. Introduction
    2. Methods/procedures
    3. Accommodations/adaptations
    4. Assessment/evaluation
  6. Closure

The students will be able to write out original sentences that describe apples.
The students will be able to demonstrate their knowledge of phonics by using the sounds in a letter/word to write out the words they want to use. The students will be able to demonstrate their ability to write upper and lowercase forms of letters, write with a space between words, and write their sentences left to right.

[...] Then have those groups (one at a time) come to your desk to have their sentences checked J. As you are checking their sentences make sure they are describing and ask the students what their sentences say if you cannot figure out their spelling. Do not mark down for spelling as long as the student can tell you what they wrote. After a student's work is checked tell one group member to grab a cup of crayons for their table and each student will then color a picture of an apple in the way that they described it. [...]

[...] Then let the students get started on their sentences making sure they know spelling does not need to be correct but they can use what rule to help them spell? (Phonics) F. As the students are working keep an eye on them, but go wash the other apples and get together the cutting board, knife, paper towels and bowls. Then cut up the apples and place one or two slices in each small bowl. G. When students are done, tell them they will know by writing two more sentences describing how apples taste and feel in their mouths. [...]

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