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A framework for the development and implementation of character education into the larger school curriculum

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Character Education?An Overview.
  3. Character Education and Academic Success.
  4. Criticism of Character Education.
  5. Process for Implementation.
  6. Research Related to Effectiveness.
  7. Benefits of the Program.
  8. Limitations.,
  9. Conclusion.

The current state of the American education system has promulgated a substantial outpouring of criticism for what teachers and administrators are accomplishing in the school. Although many schools defend their academic programs?arguing that a lack of funding makes it difficult for them to keep abreast of the most pertinent improvements in education?there is ample evidence to suggest that school reform does not have occur at the financial level in order to be successful. Given the reality that many schools have been able to foster success even in the wake of poor financial conditions, there is ample evidence to suggest that school reform must encompass something more than just increased financial support for the school.Arguably, the education system as it currently stands in the Untied States needs to be improved. However, with so much controversy over how reform should be achieved, more time is spent in reform debate than on actually developing and implementing programs for school reform. In an effort to move forward with this issue, this research provides a solid framework for the development and implementation of character education into the larger school curriculum.

[...] Character Education and Academic Success While the importance of character education to helping students to mature into respectful, caring adults is important to this paradigm, for the purposes of school reform, the critical issue is to determine how this paradigm can facilitate increased academic performance for students. Benninga (2006) in his examination of current data on character education argues that this paradigm can be used by schools to improve academic achievement. This is because the rudimentary foundations of character education create a learning environment that is more conducive for academic success. [...]

[...] (2002). Emphasizing performance goals and high quality education for all students. Phi Delta Kappan, 690-698. Elliot, S.N., Malecki, C.K. & Demaray, M.K. (2001). New directions in social skills assessment and intervention for elementary and middle school students. Exceptionality, 19-32. Hoge, J. (2002). Character education, citizenship education and the social studies. Social Studies, 103-106. Horsch, P., Chen, J., & Nelson, D. (1999). Rules and rituals. Phi Delta Kappan, [...]

[...] Given that most of the impact of character education is seen in the development of social relationships that create a better environment, it is evident that the specific social environment that exists in the school has a pervasive impact on outcomes for student learning. Other scholars examining the application of character education to the process of academic development for the student contend that success in these programs is achieved through the cooperation of adults working together. Specifically, Cavazos (2002) argues that administrators, teachers and parents must all work together in order to create an environment in which all students feel cared for and respected. [...]

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