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Arresting the alienation of foreign college students in the United States

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Needs assessment.
  3. Contribution to the mission.
  4. Learning outcomes.
  5. Intervention.
  6. Cube model.
  7. Evaluation.

College life in itself is proven to be a challenging time. There are quite a number of factors that can inhibit college success. Some of these factors may be financial?such as the demand of scholarships, the inadequacy of monetary support from the parents, or the need to look for a part-time job. Other factors are social?such as the inability of the student to cope with peer pressure or the feeling of not belonging to groups. Some factors may be inherent to the students themselves?such as the more demanding schoolwork, the increasing difficulty of the subject matter, problems with getting adjusted to college life, student's health or bad study habits getting in the way. College students face these challenges on a daily basis. Their success in college may depend on their ability to cope with these challenges and balance their priorities.

[...] Undergraduate International Students: A Resource for the Intercultural Education of American Peers?. College Student Journal, 1114+. Retrieved April from Questia database: Kilinc, A., & Granello, P. F. (2003). Overall Life Satisfaction and Help- Seeking Attitudes of Turkish College Students in the United States: Implications for College Counselors. Journal of College Counseling, 56+. Retrieved April from Questia database: Klomegah, R. Y. (2006). Social Factors Relating to Alienation Experienced by International Students in the United States. College Student Journal, 303+. Retrieved [...]

[...] The proposed interventions are mainly direct services to the foreign students to help them better adjust to college life and the rigors of college education. College students who are by law adults still need some help from their schools. Austrian admits that adulthood, although the longest developmental period has the least amount of studies (Austrian 2002). There are however needs that span all developmental stages. The sense of belongingness is a higher-order need as stated by Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Theory. [...]

[...] Foreign students who feel alienated with their school and their peers are likely to not fully experience the merits of education in the United States. Such an event may hinder these students from achieving academic success. This remediation process involves the following: revitalization of the foreign student counselling program?a direct service to foreign students especially driven to eradicate the feeling of alienation; more realistic and helpful orientation program?a direct service to foreign students aimed at correcting false assumptions regarding American culture and students; and providing avenues of interaction among foreign students and host students?a direct service whose objective is to build a sense of friendship and teamwork among peers. [...]

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