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What can Bristol do to be a green city and what can we do for Bristol to become a true green capital city?

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  1. Introduction
  2. Role of local authorities
  3. Targets of a green capital as Bristol
    1. Transports
    2. Companies
    3. Landscapes
  4. Conclusion

During these last few years, environmental issues have rapidly gained prominence on both the political and business agendas. Public interest in such environmental issues has risen since the initial interest in the 1960s and 1970s, but a particular feature of the recent revival of interest in environmental matters engenders the possibility to have a new approach to reconciling environmental protection with economic development. While sustainable development in operational terms was difficult, it has been quickly accepted at all levels of policymaking; from the international to the supra-national, national and local level. In all cases, a major emphasis has been placed on the local scale which is the most appropriate to lead sustainable development policies and initiatives, with a particular emphasis on local authorities as the major contributor to this process. The LGMB, for example, has argued that local authorities have the best place to formulate a multi-level corporate strategy for the sustainable management of the local environment. Local authorities have responded to the challenges created by these policy statements by developing their own environmental strategies and initiatives. We will, therefore, in this essay, see which environmental strategies Bristol has developed and what initiatives have been established by the city to become a green capital. To tackle this subject correctly, we will divide the essay in four parts. We will begin with an explanation of the role of local authorities in the integration of economic development and environment. Then, we will look at the efforts undertaken by Bristol to become a real sustainable city and a green capital city; for this, we will focus our research on three important parts - transport, companies and environment. To begin, we will try to understand why the local level is the best to establish a policy of sustainable development and, secondly, the role of Local Authorities in the integration of sustainable development in the economy of cities.

[...] In Bristol it becomesl easier to find shops like Bike Buddies, the new bike rental scheme Hourbike, the Cycle Hub at Temple Meads Station and the Bristol Bike Shed at Mud Dock, just off Queens Squar e. After a better understanding of efforts done by Bristol to improve ecological transport, we will now try to see if Bristol s companies make effort too and if there are sustainable entreprises which can push Bri stol to the top in term of sustainable development. [...]

[...] Bristol asked also the help of businesses, boat owners, water companies and government agencies in the creation of a campai gn to improve water quality in the Floating Harbour, for example Bristol Living Rivers which is in an ongoing campaign to maintain and improve the city's waterways. Bristol has also adopted a corporate Biodiversity Action Plan with the broad aims to minimize the company's impact on the environment and conserving biodiversity within its landholding. The company which led this action were rewarded last year when it won Best Large Scale Renewable Energy Project at the Regen S W awards. [...]

[...] To be sure to do a correct analysis, we will concentrate on three important parts of sustainabl e development: development of way of transports, effort done by companies and the protection of landscapes. We will begin to study the subject of transports and the objectives; the effort taking in place by the city and which kind of evolution is in project. Since a long time, transport is a sensible subject in Bristol, but lots of evolutions have taken place. We can saw a reduction of 10% of traffic congestion in the centre of the city in recent years. [...]

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