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British and American Universities

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  1. Briefly present the university system in the US and the UK and the selection process adopted by the elite universities in both countries
  2. Give facts and figures about the cost of college education
  3. Analyse the causes of the phenomenon (why is university so expensive?)
  4. Present the consequences for students and their parents and the solutions they have adopted
  5. Indicate if you think it would be a good idea to adopt the same system in France

American colleges and universities are among the worlds most prestigious. More than thirty of the highest-ranked forty five institutions are in the United States. Students can apply to any university and college they want to, but the most brilliant ones are selected by the universities, as long as they are able to pay school fees. In the United States, we have two types of universities: private universities (like Harvard, Princeton or Yale) that are very selective (they choose the best students only) and expensive and public schools, which are more reachable. In the United Kingdom, universities are famous thanks to their history. There are old universities like Cambridge, Oxford or St Andrews, which are known all over the world.

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