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Characteristics and roles of the Russian blogosphere-2000

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  1. Introduction
  2. Actors of the Russian Blogosphere
    1. Different blog hosted services
    2. Different categories of users
  3. The different spheres
    1. The private sphere
    2. The public sphere
  4. Conclusion

At the time when the world became attracted to the new technologies, and especially to the Internet, Russia did not consider it immediately. But the introduction of Microsoft 95, which included the Cyrillic encoding, was the predominant element for Russian to equip themselves with computers at home, or in the offices. Foremost, the first users of Internet were qualified as ?elite?, because they had the financial means to the access, and sufficient knowledge to use it. As they were rather intelligent, they started using the Internet for serious purposes. In this way, Internet could live a little revolution with the apparition of web pages in Russian, country which was rather laid aside up to then. The widespread of the Internet access in Russia took some time before being generalized. In 2005, 8.3% of the population were Internet users. But from 2002 to 2010, this rate increased by sixfold, reaching 35% of the population. The two capitals, Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, were first concerned, but the spread to other regions is in the pipeline. The president of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Poutin, conveyed a dynamic image of himself and its country from 2000, having already some Internet knowledge (during the G-20, he surprised everybody proposing to contact each other by e-mail). Even if the television is still considered as the best means to get information and to hold the society together, it is mainly the non-user of Internet who think it so: almost 80% of the Internet users prefer Internet to find an information, whereas 2% of the non-user find it useless. Internet allows its users to discuss among Russian citizens, to share their opinions.

[...] A lot of questions are raised, and may form a future issue concerning the place of the Russian media into the worldwide media. Indeed, we saw the importance of the blogosphere in Russia, its roles and its actors, especially concerning the site LiveJournal. Actually, it is important to put the Russian version into perspective : Russia is only the fourth contry that uses the most this site, behind the States, Canada and United Kingdom. Moreover, in the last few years, we can notive a light decrease in the use of the blogs. [...]

[...] The private sphere - The extension of the blat network Russian people like to develop close and long relationships with each others. The private sphere of the Russian blogosphere is tightly linked to the blat exchange. Blat is a very difficult word to define. According to Ledeneva (1998), blat is an exchange of non-monetary favours, often covered up by the friendship or acquaintances, in order to help out, to share, and to care mutually, from the same circle. In other words, the word blat is a instrument to satisfy daily needs of common people. [...]

[...] The need of technical and IT knowledge is not required to blog, it is easy enough to be kept updated. The blog plays an important role in the broadcasting of information, but also in interactions between users and thus in the community-building. We are now going to describe the creation of the blogosphere phenomenon, to see its structureand characteristics. Finally, we will define its and roles, through its actors, and the specificities of the private and public spheres. Actors of the Russian Blogosphere The Russian blogosphere represent of the worldwide blogosphere (made up by 111 millions of blogs). [...]

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