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Citizenship education: are children coming from immigration well integrated or not in the host countries?

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  1. Several definitions to understand phenomenon of migration
    1. Culture
    2. Identity
    3. Multiculturalism
    4. Interculturalism
    5. Integration
    6. Assimilation
    7. Acculturation
  2. How integrate children?
    1. Roles of School
    2. Formation of teachers
    3. Concrete cases of integration
  3. Obstacles preventing a good integration
    1. Cultural tensions
    2. Bullying
    3. Affiliation's problem

Migration is a world-wide phenomenon, and many people are constantly on the move. There are 130 million people of immigrating in the world. This topic is often in the news, particularly at the border Mexico-United States and at the border between Africa and European Union (Strait of Gibraltar). In almost all European countries the percentage of foreigners has increased dramatically since World War II, and Europe is becoming a place in which immigrants and their descendants play an important economic, social, cultural and political role. Indeed, many people from developing countries want to go to rich countries. They often envision these countries as paradise. However, when they succeed in entering, they face several difficulties. That's why, it is important to help their children integrate in the new country (of course, adults also need similar help, but my essay deals with children).

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