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The communication styles around the world

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  1. Introduction
  2. In different countries
  3. Conclusion

The interest for communication in business is growing and experts have been writing books about how to be a good communicator, the benefits of a good communication in a company and so on. More and more universities and business schools launch programs based on professional communication, in order to prepare their students for their future career. First of all, I am not going to speak about the communication as a whole. This study will be focused on the communication styles, in the world of business.

This kind of communication is not external but used both among the company, and between members of partnership companies (supplier/customer for example) during a meeting. How can we define it? Communication is basically the art of communicating, which means ?the exchange of thoughts, messages, or information, as by speech, signals, writing, or behavior.? From that definition, we can deduce the meaning of communication style, which can be defined as the way people of a given company, area, country, business use to communicate.

For this thesis, I am going to study the different communication styles in business around the world by taking twelve different major countries. In the first part I will try to demonstrate how much it is important for a company with an international reach to take these different communication styles into account. Then I will explain why the communication styles can differ from a country to another, even when these countries are neighbors, which can be surprising. In the second and last part, I will take twelve different countries, explain why I chose them, and present/compare their communication styles.

[...] The Anglo-Saxons sometimes act like Asians in their communication styles. They are probably the only ones in Europe to put diplomacy before the immediacy of communication. Therefore, work situations are rarely confrontational. They prefer to propose rather than refute: ??disagree" becomes "have you thought about . The humor is omnipresent; it's a tension release mechanism that allows keeping quiet and not emotional. The Americans are willing to discuss issues directly and openly, it is often perceived as rude outside of the United States. [...]

[...] Conclusion: Nonetheless, even if a lot of categorizations exist in order to define a country communication style, the previous example shows how much it is difficult to regroup several countries in one category. Indeed, among the high context culture countries, we can notice that for example Brazilian and Chinese communication style are clearly different. The question that we can ask to ourselves now, is far will go the globalization? Will it standardize the communication styles as much as it will [...]

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