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Cultural influence for foreign nations, Indonesia

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  1. Introduction
  2. Culture
  3. Foreign nations
  4. Cultural influence for foreign nations, Indonesia
  5. Conclusion

Islands of Indonesia, in ancient times lies in the trade route between the two ancient trade centers, namely India and China. It lies in the path of international trade provides a huge influence on the development of Indonesia's ancient history. The presence of Indians on the islands of Indonesia provides a huge influence on developments in various fields in the territory of Indonesia.

It happens through a process of cultural acculturation, ie the process of mixing between the elements of one culture with another culture, forming a new culture without completely eliminating each characteristic of the old culture.

Cultural influence of Vietnam for the culture of Indonesia in the Prehistoric Society Indonesia. The entry of foreign cultures is one of the factors that bring about change in people's lives in Indonesia, the culture of Dong Son Culture, Cultural Bacson-Hoabich, Sa Huynh Culture, and Culture of India. Dong Son culture, Culture-Hoabich Bacson, Sa Huynh culture of the region, the North and South Vietnam.

Dong Son society live in the valley of the River Ma, Ca, and Red River, while the Sa Huynh people live in Vietnam Salatan section. Culture is derived from the time of the final Pleistosein. The process of migration into the three cultures took place between 2000 BC-300 BC. It caused a widespread migration of various types of culture megalithikum (boulder), Mesolitikum (middle stone), Neolithikum (soft rock), and Bronze culture.

[...] ? Austronesian people, a mixture of the nation Melanesoid and Europaeide. In the Neolithic era are scattered throughout the Indonesian archipelago. B. CULTURE DONG SON Culture is the culture of Dong Son bronze in Southeast Asia. This region is the center of bronze culture in Southeast Asia. In this area are found all kinds of bronze tools, tools of iron as well as the graves of that period. Dong Son is the name of the Tonkin area, is the first investigation. [...]

[...] Influence of Indonesia to India: a. The boat belongs to the nation bercadik Indonesia bercadik affect the use of boats in South India (According to Hornell) b. Coconut native of Indonesia who used to trade goods samapai in India. Indian influence in Indonesia can be seen in the presence of: ? Bronze statue of Buddha in Sempaga, South Sulawesi, which shows the style of art Amarawati (South India on 2-5 Century BC). ? Also found similar statues in Jember, East Java, and areas Siguntang Bukit, South Sumatra. [...]

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