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Do You Really Need a College Degree?

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I think this is a question that most adults over the age of 25 ask themselves if they did not attend and complete college right after high school. I sit back nearly one year after finally finishing my degree and remember the multitude of times I asked myself that question. I can laugh now at the times I said yes, I do need a degree but could never put together the effort to do something about it. I can also laugh at those people who thought I would never finish. It is my belief that, no matter the sacrifice, no matter how much time you must invest, and no matter how long it might take you, it is ultimately beneficial and rewarding to attain your bachelor's degree.

[...] In all seriousness, I am sure that your partner will sacrifice as much as you do to see you get a better job and make more money. Attaining your degree is not just for you; it is for your whole family. Believe me when I say there will be some tough times ahead. I fondly remember the nights my wife waited for me at her parent's house. We live 30 miles from where we both worked and where I went to school and we carpooled to work every day. [...]

[...] Institutions like Sallie Mae will try to qualify you for a loan and then you don't have to pay it back until you stop going to school (hopefully when you get your degree). Finally, look at secured or unsecured loans from primary lending sources. If you have very good credit, you can probably go down to your bank and get a loan or refinance your mortgage. If your credit is not so good, you may have to go to some secondary lenders that charge a higher interest rate. [...]

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