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E-commerce safety guide

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  1. Why shop online?
  2. Americans' concerns about safe shopping.
  3. Avoiding Fraud.
  4. What To Do If Fraud Has Occurred.
  5. Deterring identity theft.
  6. How personal information is found.
  7. How consumers should use their social security numbers.
  8. What consumers should do when they become identity theft victims.
  9. Phishing and spoofing.
  10. Identifying fraudulent e-mails.
  11. Preventing spoof.
  12. Paypal.
  13. Companies that offer safe online shopping protections.
  14. 8 Reasons to feel safe buying on Ebay.
  15. Ways to keep online accounts safe.
  16. Conclusion.

Few developments have altered America's lifestyle more quickly and more completely than the Internet. Online access has enabled people from all walks of life to bring entire libraries, entertainment venues, post offices and financial centers to a workplace, to a desktop or to a shirt pocket. The Internet's largest and most meaningful impact may very well be on the way consumers shop for everything from gifts, gadgets and groceries to clothing, cars, and cruises.
The ease and selection that the Internet provides to shoppers has changed the face of retailing. More and more, consumers visit a store's Web site to make their choices before traveling to the store itself; and in a rapidly swelling tide, many shoppers are bypassing the store altogether and ordering online directly from the Web sites of their favorite brands and outlets. Companies like Sephora, Sears and Crate & Barrel have increased the range and quantity of products available at their online stores and are sending online coupons and sale announcements via e-mail directly to their customers.

[...] An identity theft victim should contact a number of organizations that have an impact on credit ratings and security, including creditors and lien holders. The Federal Trade Commission offers an Affidavit of Identity Theft that can be notarized and then sent to creditors and agencies. Early contact should be made with the three major credit reporting bureaus: Equifax Report fraud: 1-800-525-6285 Order a credit report: 1-800-685-1111 P.O. Box 740241 Atlanta, GA 30374-0241 Experian Report fraud: 1-888-397-3742 Order a credit report: 1-888-397-3742 P.O. [...]

[...] or in a store; and fraud can be avoided if consumers understand a few simple steps they should take when they enter the online marketplace. Americans' concerns about safe shopping Increasingly, American consumers are expecting merchants from major department stores to individuals who sell handcrafted jewelry to electronics and cars to make their products easily available on the Web. They're also expecting these online retailers to make payments a simple and secure process. While consumers have confidence in online stores, recent research suggests their confidence levels in the security of the actual purchases from these stores, especially from lesser-known or unknown sellers, lag behind their desire to engage in shopping over the Internet. [...]

[...] e-Commerce offers great deals, wide variety Gregg Hensler, an independent contractor in Indiana, discovered that by using the Internet, he could find better price and selection than from local retailers. When a friend sent him to eBay in 1998, he purchased a Bobcat skid loader for his business and saved $4,000. He says he prefers the Internet and sites like eBay because it gives him more options when making large purchases. ?Because of the savings I've found on eBay, I've definitely been able to put more money back into my business than if I had bought the equipment said Hensler of his online shopping experience REASONS TO FEEL SAFE BUYING ON EBAY With nearly 95 million registered users listing more than 2 million new items a day, eBay is the safest shopping marketplace on the Internet eBay's Security Center at is a source for direct information about safety and security when using eBay eBay Feedback gives a buyer information about the seller's overall rating from previous buyers and their comments Buyers can use PayPal, the safe, secure way to pay online. [...]

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