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Emotional literacy interventions in the prevention of bullying within the pastoral system of schools

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  1. Abstract.
  2. Introduction and aims of the project.
  3. Rational.
    1. Literature review.
    2. Prevention Strategy.
    3. Understand the ABC's
  4. Rearrange the environment.
  5. Establish clear classroom guidelines and be consistent.
  6. Avoidance of public confrontations.
  7. Teaching new skills.
  8. Use a solution focused approach to problems.
  9. Recommendations and conclusions.
  10. Bibliography.

This p?per provides ?n overview of emotion?l prevention techniques to de?l with bullying in the school of pastoral type. Highlights of this speci?l issue on bullying ?re presented in this paper. A compendium of rese?rch reviewed ?nd d?t? presented set the st?ge for future rese?rch to ?ttend to issues of definition, me?surement, longitudinal methodology, prevention/intervention policy, ?nd recognition of import?nt contexts for the occurrence ?nd m?inten?nce of bullying beh?vior. D?t? is presented to inform re?ders ?bout the current st?te ?nd n?tion?l policy along with the pr?ctices th?t h?ve developed ?s ? response to high profile youth violence thought to h?ve its roots in bullying beh?vior. Fin?lly, it is emph?sized th?t future prevention ?nd intervention efforts in UK pastoral schools will depend on evidence-b?sed pr?ctices th?t ?re grounded in ? common definition of bullying.

[...] It is import?nt th?t l?ngu?ge used by te?chers with students be cle?r ?nd specific, not s?rc?stic, critic?l, or punitive ?void?nce of Public Confront?tions Bullying beh?vior in public settings such ?s the cl?ssroom, pl?yground, lunchroom, or h?llw?y often t?ke pl?ce. While te?chers should ?ttempt to stop the bullying beh?vior ?t once, they should try to solve the problem in ? priv?te setting. ?ttempting to ch?nge bullying beh?vior in the public forum puts the student on the spot in terms of h?ving to defend or expl?in. [...]

[...] Bullies ?nd victims in the cl?ssroom ecology: Four questions for school set vice providers ?nd soci?l development rese?rch. School Psychology Review 384- Solberg, M. E., & Olweus, D. (2003). Prev?lence estim?tion of school bullying with the Olweus bully/victim questionn?ire. ?ggressive Beh?vior 239- L?p?n, R., Gysbers, N., & Petroski, G. (2001). Helping seventh gr?ders be s?fe ?nd successful: ? st?tewide study of the imp?ct of comprehensive guid?nce ?nd counseling progr?ms. Journ?l of Counseling & Development 320- Sh?piro, E. S., DuP?ul, G. J., Br?dley, K. L., & B?iley, L. T. (1996). ? school-b?sed consult?tion progr?m for [...]

[...] The over?ll effectiveness of the bully prevention st?ff development tr?ining curriculum for te?chers empiric?lly verified prior recommend?tions to implement ? continuing educ?tion te?cher tr?ining curriculum designed to educ?te the te?cher on the components of bully ?w?reness, prevention, ?nd interventions (Long, Pellegrini, 2003).These findings ?ppe?r to v?lid?te the effectiveness of ? continuing educ?tion curriculum ?nd ?lso support the finding of L?p?n, Gysbers, ?nd Petroski (2001) th?t comprehensive counseling progr?ms th?t include h?ving counselors doing outre?ch ?nd tr?ining in cl?ssrooms ?nd with te?chers le?d to more effective rel?tionships with students ?nd then to reduced ?ggression in schools. [...]

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