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Foreign language influence on studies in UK

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My research is on ?Foreign language influence on studies in UK?. The main objective of this research project is to show how international student in Staffordshire University adapt their own comprehension during their English studies. The purpose of this study is to know what the consequences of a foreign language on success are. Words which are associated with this study are: motivation, sociability, language, knowledge. The main research question is: Does the foreign language affect a students' success? Nowadays there are a lot of cultural and scholarship exchange programs called Socrates, Erasmus, Comenius, Leonardo, etc These programs are aimed at making students fluent in foreign language during studies. We can monitor these programs because people involved are at the heart of the subject.

[...] I ask people to describe their English skill before they came in UK of people said that their English skills are average said that they were poor in English skills, and only one on ten had said he had good English skills of international students live in campus accommodations, and 30% of them live outside campus accommodation, they found accommodation when they arrived in UK. It's that a lot of students live in accommodation managed by university because it's easier for them to have not to find an accommodation when arriving in UK. [...]

[...] I will be looking how international students manage their studies in UK and how much they succeed during their courses. By the way I will pilot the questionnaire with one international student. And I will select people (from whom English language isn't their mother language) using a random sampling and a stratified random sampling. I try to target people from each culture, to make this study the more relevant as possible. All information which will be collected by this questionnaire will be kept strictly confidential. [...]

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