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Getting the necessary nutrition on a vegetarian diet ( Different nutrients and its sources included )

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  1. Introduction.
  2. What essential nutrients are eliminated from a person's diet when they choose to become a vegetarian?
  3. Nutritional supplements and meat substitutes.
  4. Altering traditional dishes to meet vegitarian needs.
  5. Table of nutrients found in meat, their function, and where they can be obtained.

Regardless of one's reason for choosing to become a vegetarian, there is more to this choice than simply eliminating meat from one's diet. Meat contains nutrients vital to the human body, so when meat is removed from a person's diet, extra measures must be taken in order to ensure that that person is receiving the sufficient amount of those nutrients. As long as specific attention is paid to receiving the right amount of the proper nutrients, the nutrients needed you need can easily be obtained from a vegetarian diet. Nutritional supplements are also available to be taken regularly. In areas where vegetarian lifestyle choices grow increasingly popular, a wide variety of meat substitutes are available. Although in some places, artificial meat substitutes may not be easily available, it is still possible to keep to a vegetarian diet with the cuisine customary to the land.

[...] B12 is primarily responsible for the formation of red blood cells and the maintenance of a healthy nervous system. A B12 deficiency can result in Anemia, meaning a low red blood cell count.[?] Nutritional supplements of B12 are available to be taken regularly but significant amounts of B12 can also be found in milk and milk products, eggs. Many vegan foods are supplemented with B12 such as soy products. Another concern for vegetarians is receiving a sufficient amount of iron in their diet. [...]

[...] Sunshine is also a significant source of Vitamin D because ultra violet rays from trigger Vitamin D synthesis in the skin.[?] A variety of nutritional supplements and meat substitutes are available in the United States, where vegetarian diets are growing increasingly popular. Although in some places, such as the Middle Eastern country, Armenia, artificial meat substitutes may not be as easily available, it would be possible to keep to a vegetarian diet living in this country. Meat plays a significant role in the traditional cuisine of Armenia. [...]

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