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Initiate Change

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  1. Systemic Change
  2. Systemic Change Impacting education
  3. Characteristic of effective change agents
  4. Actions of Effective Change Agents
  5. How Effective Leaders Rally Support

Change can be defined as the alteration of procedure, behavior, purpose, structure or output of a given unit within an organization (Razik, 2010). It involves working with a diversified population and striving hard to motivate and encourage others to adapt through change as it is required. Even in situations where change is efficiently planned and structured, unintended outcomes and consequences still occur.

[...] Cohesiveness or luck of it is a key issue that is affecting the change in our schools today. Most teachers or instructors have become relatively autonomous, with very little to do with each other during the usual school days (Reasons, 2011). The instructors or teachers may identify with their colleagues in terms of place of work or their role and most often they would have a feeling of loyalty to the school and amongst themselves, but it is not common that teachers feel as if they are part of a working group that formulate or discuss plans and assist in making educational decisions (Michael, 1993). [...]

[...] This will help them to determine exactly what type of change they can implement. Change Agents or effective leaders, are expected to have a vision of what is to be done, see the need for a particular change and come up with the necessary strategy that is required to implement that change. They should possess high intellectual capacity, a strong initiative, a vivid vision of what the organization is supposed or can be and a very good orientation to both goal accomplishment and the people that are involved(Razik, 2010). [...]

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