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Learned centered approach

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  1. The learning situation and the learner as an active or passive experiencer
    1. Conditions to create an effective learning situation
    2. Learning by doing?
  2. The learner's experience of learning
    1. First or second foreign language: constraints and disadvantages
    2. Students with no French at home
  3. The changing experience of the learner
    1. Multimedia: a new teaching aid
    2. The learner's personal discovery

In the teaching process, there are two main categories of actors: teachers, and students. I found important to notice that, through years, the students' environment changed a lot (school violence, diversity of the population, etc.) and therefore their needs changed as well. In the Secondary school where I took my training period, the institute is classified as ZEP because it is situated in a French suburb. The College Anne-Frank, in Grande-Synthe near to Dunkerque, counts six hundred and twenty students. There are five classes for each year (five first year students' classes, five second year students' classes, etc.), and for each year there is a specific class called an SEGPA class, where pupils with intellectual gaps and difficulties are regrouped, so they can learn.

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